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WatchKnow - Free educational videos. Covers all educational subjects, from Mathemetics to Arts. Provide an easy way to drill down by age. Also has classrooms for slightly more structured learning.

NeoK12 Educational videos, lessons and games for 5-12 school kids. Covers a range of subject matters but tends to have more resources for science than for other subjects.

Homework Help at Discovery Education

Learn360 provides access to over 63,000 media resources, categorized by education levels and subject. This is a by-subscription service but there is a free trial period of 30 days, which could just do the trick for Christchurch students.

Bering Strait School District OpenContent Initiative. A school district in Alaska which makes its curriculum resources available on-line.

GCSE bitesize @BBC include revision game activities for mobile screens.

Got a question about homework? Ask a Librarian for help - you can work with a Librarian from 1pm - 6pm Monday through to Friday. The site can also help with your research process

NCEA Revision Checklists, though a commercial website, it provides free one page PDF with a check list for each NCEA level, in different subjects.

O2learn beta - They are building a video library of great revision lessons, from teachers across the UK.
Khan Academy - this website has a large number of videos and explanations about mathematics and science


BBC Education - there are examples and exercises here on Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Number

SparkNotes for Math

CK12 FlexBooks on Mathematics

WebMath math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems

Wims interactive exercises in mathematics.
Khan Academy as above

BBC Education - revision, activities and tests in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Kitchen Science Experiments - podcasts, experiments and articles

Nexus Research Group - a Taranaki Science/Maths teacher's school-based research site

CK12 FlexBooks on Sciences

Physics Videos

year11chem1.4, year11chem1.5, gc12chem, 13chem wikispaces set by a NZ chemistry teacher to support year 12 and year 13. Provides clear powerpoints on a variety of topics.

MrVan Biology Lessons, a wikispace set up by a NZ teacher. Covers cell biology and ecology.

ncealevel2sci, a wikispace set up by a NZ teacher. Provides a wealth of resources for Year 12 sciences. Covers Geology, Evolution, Fertilizers, Stars, Light, Schools. Provides rich notes for a variety of topics, like for instance, tectonic plates. There also is ncealevel3sci for year 13 science.

yr11geology, a wikispace set up by a NZ teacher. Pages for Yr12 and Yr13 Geology are published on the ncealevel2 and ncealevel3sci wikispaces.

Check out the latest Gazette article as a new way of thinking about senior secondary science teaching:

Senior Secondary

Tomorrow’s scientists choose what they will study today. THIS YEAR AT MT MAUNGANUI COLLEGE, Year 11 science teaching has been turned upside down. In a continuation of an approach used in Years 9 and 10, it is the students, with the support of teaching staff, who decide what they will learn, rather than teachers deciding what to teach.

Invitation to the launch of Looking Ahead: Science Education for the Twenty-First Century
A strong and forward-looking science education system in the school years is a necessary prerequisite for New Zealand’s future success in an increasingly knowledge-based world. The Office of the Prime Minister’s Science Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Ministry of Science & Innovation, has undertaken an extensive programme to evaluate the state and future direction of school science education at both primary and secondary levels.

You are invited to participate in the launch of the report, Looking ahead: science education for the twenty-first century, via interactive broadcast at 4pm on Tuesday 5 April. Please feel free to forward this invitation to your contacts.
Please register your interest at: to obtain information on how to participate.
For further details, please contact our office: or call 09 923 6318.
Yours sincerely
Office of the Prime Minister's Science Advisory Committee
BBC English Literature - Literature study notes

Shakespeare online - everything you ever wanted to know about Shakespeare and his writing

Language Features: select and use a range of language features appropriately showing an understanding of their effects.
Learn to analyse traditional storylines and write your own HERO Story.
Analysing verbal, visual & written text through 'The Hero's Journey'

More information for analysing film and written text + suggestions for writing your own script

Inspiration from 5 Rap and Slam poets on The Poetry Station, winner of the 2011 Bett Awards, including projects by Simon Armitage and Natalie Stewart. Great examples of how to articulate the big stuff.

Aranui English Department provides word documents covering a range of topics, from basic grammar rules to how to keep a reading log. Also lists websites that provide links to content and activities.

11ENG-Thomas, a wikispace set up by a NZ teacher for year 11 english. Provide resources for NCEA standards 1.1 to 1.9.
Social Sciences
"TakingITGlobal is the social network that connects you to the global issues that affect us all." 2011-03-14_0917.png
A community of students interested in global issues and creating positive change

New Zealand History Activities and material linked to NCEA

Aorere's College Social Science Department , provides resources for Classics, History, Geography, Social studies, for levels 1,2,3. Also has a homework section "what is my homework for this week".

Geographybylizz, a wikispace set up by a NZ teacher. Covers level 1, 2, 3. Provides short guideines on how to conduct a research project.
Learning Languages -
Te Reo Maori
Maori Television - listen to today's stories in Te Reo Maori

Maori Language - learn the basic skills to korero from online videos and movie lessons

Kōrero Māori is for everyone who wants to speak the Māori language, or learn more about it.
Google Art Project - visit art galleries and explore museums from around the world. Zoom in to see works of art at close range or navigate your way around famous places such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Drama wikispace set up by a NZ teacher. Covers Level 1, 2, 3 drama.
Digital Media - Digital Storytelling at echuchaLearning wikispace. Other sections cover Comics and cartoons, cloud computing, google docs, google sketchup, html and web-design

Digital Proficiency provides links and resources on programming, web development, interface design, visualisation.