Year 1 students can add their work here. Parents or other helpers just click on "Edit" and upload the files. You can
  • add text by copying and pasting from your computer direct onto the page
  • add text typed into a word processing programme by saving your work and uploading the file on the picture icon above
  • add pictures made in a paint programme by uploading using the picture icon above
  • add photos of your work by using a digital camera - don't make them too big!
  • Use the Help menu to find out about other things you can add - sound files, videos etc.
I have added one picture below to get you started.


This was a picture made by a five year old using the Paint programme. If you have a PC computer you can find the Paint programme in your Start - > Accessories menu. Mac users can do a Google search for Tux Paint which you can download for free.

You can also record your story using Vocaroo ( a free site) and embed it to the wiki page.
Just click on "record" ,then "allow" and "stop" when you've finished. You can listen to your recording and then click on "post to the internet". Copy the HTML code. Go to your wiki page, click on "widget", then "other HTML" and paste into the box that appears. You can then click on "save" and the Vocaroo symbol will appear on the page. You can click on to listen as many times as you like. It's lots of fun and can be used in so many ways.