Year 2 students can add their work here. Parents or other helpers just click on "Edit" and upload the files. You can
  • add text by copying and pasting from your computer direct onto the page
  • add text typed into a word processing programme by saving your work and uploading the file on the picture icon above
  • add pictures made in a paint programme by uploading using the picture icon above
  • add photos of your work by using a digital camera - don't make them too big!
  • Use the Help menu to find out about other things you can add - sound files, videos etc.
I have added one picture below to get you started.


This was a picture made by a five year old using the Paint programme. If you have a PC computer you can find the Paint programme in your Start - > Accessories menu. Mac users can do a Google search for Tux Paint which you can download for free.