Year 5 & 6 Classroom

This is a space for all 9 and 10 year olds to find work to do.

Language Time
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Maths Time
Curriculum: After 5 years at school, After 6 years at school

Yr 6 problem solving
Maths Games

Inquiry Time
Design your own inquiry. Here's a site that can get you started on some ideas, then see if you can create your own inquiry around a topic of interest.
For example, watch the carbon cycle video, choose a topic of your own, do the research, sort out the important ideas and then make your own video, powerpoint or animation about your topic. Maybe you can find out how liquefaction works. Just do a Google search to get started. There are already lots of animations out there but you could make your very own.
There are lots of free animation programmes you can download from the web, often with their own inbuilt tutorials, or do a Google search for a tutorial for the programme. Teach yourself the software and then make your own study jam type presentation. You can then upload it to the Display page for your year group.
Free animation downloads - here's some to try:
Alice Animation for PC or Mac
Stykz PC or Mac
I Can Animate for PC or Mac. Free download trial that will give you the chance to have a play and create something for your inquiry topic
You can also create your own animations in Powerpoint. Check out the help menu to find out more.

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"What makes NZ special?"